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Mustafayev is a surname derived from the Muslim masculine given name Mustafa plus the Russian ending "-(y)ev". Notable people with this surname include:

  • Ali Mustafayev (1952-1991), Azerbaijani journalist
  • Bunyamudin Mustafayev ( b. 1992), Russian footballer
  • Chingiz Mustafayev (1960-1992), Azerbaijani journalist
  • Firuz Mustafayev, President of Azerbaijan 1992
  • Imam Mustafayev (1910-1997), Azerbaijani politician
  • Rustam Mustafayev (1910-1940), Azerbaijani scenic designer
  • Shahin Mustafayev (b. 1965), Azerbaijani politician
  • Wekîl Mustafayev, President of the Lachin Kurdish Republic, self-proclaimed and dissolved in 1992