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contraction (context colloquial English) must have.

Usage examples of "musta".

She musta caught the vibration that under all that muscle and power there was what they call the true blue, the clean thoughts and the honest striving and so forth.

It musta come across to her that his pleasant smile and the wholesome look in his eyes were a hundred percent for real.

He musta been frantic to get released from parole, to move around freely and not hafta answer questions.

He musta spotted me through the window when I was in there talking to Lillian, and told his people to be ready for me when I come out.

It musta been finance and nothing but finance that made you aim the gun just a little higher, the line of fire slanting up above the wrist and above the ribs, your finger on the trigger getting the relay from your brain.

Because it musta been you were checking again with Nellie, with Nellie saying it was just a fairy tale, saying that Rafer was up there in the clouds and his talk was all cloud talk, the coke aspirin stuff causing him to jabber way out of his head.

His leg doubled under him when he landed and it musta broke to smithereens.

Tween us and the frogs and the limeys and the Bodies, we musta done fired every artillery shell in the world 'bout ten times over.

She lived by herself in a little shack up the mountain and she musta been close onto forty when some feller from the other side of the river come along one day and rocked the whole valley back on its heels by asking her to marry up with him.

Musta heliographed the garrison from the carob grove and given our position.

Not a good idea, nuh-uh, but the females who worked the cafeteria, cooking and serving and locking away the knives between meals, a guard present at all times, the kitchen locked overnight, they musta had to show their menopause papers to get hired.

Lord, there musta been twenty kilos of explosive in that satchel charge.

AH our talkin', stops when he appears, thoughhe musta heard us long before we saw him, sothere isn't really any point tryin' to pretend wehave been this quiet all the time.

They musta tunnelled in or somethin', `cause they didn't come past me.