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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Muslin delaine

Muslin \Mus"lin\, n. [F. mousseline; cf. It. mussolino, mussolo, Sp. muselina; all from Mussoul a city of Mesopotamia, Ar. Mausil, Syr. Mauzol, Muzol, Mosul, where it was first manufactured. Cf. Mull a kind of cloth.] A thin cotton, white, dyed, or printed. The name is also applied to coarser and heavier cotton goods; as, shirting and sheeting muslins. In sheeting, muslin is not as finely woven as percale.

Muslin cambric. See Cambric.

Muslin delaine, a light woolen fabric for women's dresses. See Delaine. [Written also mousseline de laine.]