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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He received a bachelor of arts degree from Syracuse University and in the early 1950s did graduate studies in musicology at Princeton.
▪ He received the Unesco International Grand Prix for his work in musicology in 1985.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"the study of the science of music," 1909, from music + -ology. Related: Musicological; musicologist.


n. (context music English) the scholarly or scientific study of music, as in historical research, musical theory, or the physical nature of sound.


n. the scholarly and scientific study of music


Musicology is the scholarly analysis of, and research on, music, a part of humanities. A person who studies music is a musicologist.

Traditionally, historical musicology (commonly termed "music history") has been the most prominent sub-discipline of musicology. In the 2010s, historical musicology is one of several large musicology sub-disciplines. Historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and systematic musicology are approximately equal in size. Ethnomusicology is the study of music in its cultural context. Systematic musicology includes music acoustics, the science and technology of acoustical musical instruments, and the musical implications of physiology, psychology, sociology, philosophy and computing. Cognitive musicology is the set of phenomena surrounding the computational modeling of music. In some countries, music education is a prominent sub-field of musicology, while in others it is regarded as a distinct academic field, or one more closely affiliated with teacher education, educational research, and related fields.

Musicology (album)

Musicology is the twenty-eighth studio album by American recording artist Prince. It was released on April 20, 2004 by NPG Records and distributed by Columbia Records. The album proved to be his most successful in years, reaching the Top 5 of the album charts in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and many other countries.

Musicology was the first album in five years that Prince released through a major label ( Sony Music) and, being partially recorded in Mississauga, Ontario, was his first to be recorded outside Minneapolis in many years. Musicology is R&B themed.

At the end of the song "Musicology" snippets of " Kiss", " Little Red Corvette", " Sign o' the Times", " 17 Days", " If I Was Your Girlfriend", as well as "Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance" can be heard. At the time of release Prince was quoted as saying he wished the album to provide musical education to listeners.

Musicology (song)

"Musicology" is a song by Prince, and title track from his 2004 album of the same name. The song is an obvious ode to James Brown's style of funk music popularized in the early 1970s. The song is also reminiscent of Prince's own " The Work, pt. 1", from his 2001 album The Rainbow Children.

The B-side of the single is the Musicology track "On the Couch", a seductive ballad with a gospel flavor. In addition, Prince released a song on his website titled "Magnificent", which was listed as the "virtual B-side" to "Musicology".

In the United States, the song received airplay on Urban Adult Contemporary radio stations. The song had larger success as a video with television airplay, as it was played regularly on MTV, BET, and VH1. Outside the US, the song had considerable success on the pop charts in a number of countries. Specifically, "Musicology" went Top 40 in Argentina, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland.

Musicology (disambiguation)

Musicology is the scholarly study of music. It may also refer to:

  • Musicology (album), a 2004 album by Prince
  • "Musicology" (song), the title song from the Prince album
  • Musicology Tour (also known as Musicology Live2004ever), a 2004 North American tour by Prince

Usage examples of "musicology".

We, the heirs of musicology, believe we know more about the music of the great creative centuries, especially the seventeenth and eighteenth, and in a certain sense even understand it better than all previous epochs, including that of classical music itself.

The two chapters dealing with Schubert, and especially with the quartets, are among the soundest examples of modern musicology that I have read.

Ida had taught her the manners of University culture, and Ivor had taught her musicology, and his passion for his field.

It was a surprising feeling because, other than with her musicology, she had never wanted to please someone, not since she was a child and had felt rejected at home.

If you are interested in theoretical musicology, you may read this little pamphlet.

He also taught an E-class elective on musicology, which the university uploaded into their library curriculum.

Though he was not schooled in musicology or harmony, Garion perceived that this hymn was older and perhaps more pure than the one which had rung through the caves of Ulgo for five millennia.

She was at University, a Fellow in Musicology, when she came here, and I understand that she has continued to transmit ethnographic papers for years now.