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musical scale

n. A set of musical notes, typically ordered in pitch.

musical scale

n. (music) a series of notes differing in pitch according to a specific scheme (usually within an octave) [syn: scale]

Usage examples of "musical scale".

There was no fumbling with condoms, his or hers, no guilt, no actuarial accountings, no position three, four, or five bolstered up by beams and rope, just two human bodies humming up and down the musical scale of skin, bone, creases, shadows, cleanly, singingly, besottedly droll.

These effects must indeed, in some way or other, be connected with the well-known arithmetical relations between the rates of vibration of the sounds which form a musical scale.

And, as his head swung, faintly, faintly, I heard a musical scale run up, then down.

His eyes popped in and out of their sockets on stalks, and his lolling tongue coiled and uncoiled while their owner hooted ridiculously up and down the musical scale.

Unexpectedly, his faint, small trilling note came into being, ran up and down the musical scale and trailed away.

Kepler believed that the speed of each planet corresponds to certain notes in the Latinate musical scale popular in his day - do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do.

Apparently my brain waves correspond in some fashion to your musical scale and times, and are damped out by certain violations of them.

We talked for hours in secret on the pursuit of esoterike harmonia, that state of self-composure which the exercises of the phobologia are designed to produce- As a string of the kithera vibrates purely, emitting only that note of the musical scale which is its alone, so must the individual warrior shed all which is superfluous in his spirit, until he himself vibrates at that sole pitch which his individual daimon dictates.

The exotic trilling ran up and down the musical scale, pursuing no tune, defying description, almost unreal, and yet very definitely a concrete sound.

Of a trilling nature, it ran up and down the musical scale, yet adhered to no tune.

His almost inaudible trilling sound, weirdly traversing the musical scale -- that small, unconscious manifestation of Doc Savage in moments of stress or surprise -- tremored in the dead air of early evening as the man of bronze focused his eyes on the roof top.

A faint, drumming sound accelerated until it became the lowest of audible Cs, then raced up the musical scale until it disappeared beyond the range of human hearing, into bat and dolphin territory.

When they surfaced, it was with a strange whistling noise she could never quite place on the conventional musical scale, no matter how many times she listened to it.