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music critic

n. a critic of musical performances

Usage examples of "music critic".

Mr Stanhope Aspinwall, the respected music critic, had given evidence that he had never known Mr Revelstoke personally, though he had once sat in front of him at a concert, and had received two or three very abusively-worded letters from him.

He was also a composer and conductor, an influential music critic (the first to appreciate J.

He was a music critic and he did reviewing for The New York Times and edited a magazine and wrote novels and stories.

The leading music critic of the planet had written a series of articles about Simon's genius, claiming that he evoked a profundity and a truth from his instru­.

The presence of an infant intruded upon Sol's solipsistic life as a serious academic and Sarai's profession as music critic for Barnard's datasphere, but neither minded.

This was going to work just fine, the music critic was sure of it.

What a music critic loves he loves completely, religiously, unto death.

One night she turned up with Woode, the music critic, and Wackerlei, the architect and pipe-smoker.

One of the things he did in the meantime was to become music critic for a Philadelphia newspaper, which contributes to this story.

Desperate for a second quote, I look up the home phone number of our music critic.