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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Musette \Mu*sette"\, n. [F., dim. of OF. muse.]

  1. A small bagpipe formerly in use, having a soft and sweet tone.

  2. An air adapted to this instrument; also, a kind of rustic dance.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"small bagpipe," late 14c., from Old French musette "bagpipe" (13c.), from muser "to play the bagpipe, make music," from mus "mouth, muzzle," from Medieval Latin musum (see muzzle (n.)). As "a composition for a musette" from 1811, from French.


n. 1 (context musici now historical English) Any of various form of small bagpipe, especially with a bellows, having a soft sound, and once popular in France. (from 14th c.) 2 A dance tune or pastoral air that imitates this instrument. (from 18th c.) 3 A small instrument similar to an oboe or shawm. (from 19th c.) 4 (context chiefly US English) A small bag or knapsack, with a shoulder strap, used by soldiers, student, tourists, etc., containing food or other things. (from 20th c.)


n. a small bagpipe formerly popular in France [syn: shepherd's pipe]


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Usage examples of "musette".

Then he turned around in his seat to stare at Mme Musette even harder.

After a minute or two, the doors opened, and Mme Musette stepped into the room.

The youth gave Charlie a quick, insolent smile that Mme Musette either failed to notice or ignored.

Before Martin could reply, he turned around to Mme Musette, who was standing in the open doorway and he waved his finger at her threateningly.

Mme Musette was holding the hand of the Latin-looking girl in order to restrain her.

Charlie contemptuously brushed Mme Musette aside and began stalking back down the corridor.

As he did so, Mme Musette came down the front steps of the house after him.

Charlie stared at Mme Musette with a ferocity that he had never experienced in his whole life.

Later, when the sky was beginning to pale, Mme Musette reappeared, wrapped in her cloak like a Bedouin, with only her eyes showing.

He had nothing to say to Mme Musette except that he wanted Martin to be released, not only from his physical bondage but from his mental bondage, too.

Mme Musette looked incomparably beautiful in the late afternoon light that fell though the window.

Mme Musette left the room, closing and locking the door, but for a long time her perfume lingered in the air, like a memory that refused to die.

If Mme Musette was offering him a chance to get out of here, then he was prepared to take it - even if it was just another ambush.

And according to Mme Musette, it takes place Friday, in the town of Acadia.

Mme Musette came up to Charlie and gently stroked his cheek with her one finger.