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Murie may refer to:

  • Murie family of American naturalists, including:
    • Olaus Murie (1889–1963)
    • Adolph Murie (1899–1974)
    • Margaret Murie (1902–2003)
    • Louise Murie (1912–2012)
  • David Murie (b. 1976) Scottish footballer
  • Murie Ranch Historic District inholding in Grand Teton National Park
    • Murie Residence
  • Murie Science and Learning Center
  • Murie railway station on the Walhalla narrow gauge line in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Usage examples of "murie".

Whan he endured hadde a yeer or two This crueel torment, and this peyne and woo, At Thebes in his contree, as I seyde, Upon a nyght in sleep as he hym leyde, Hym thoughte how that the wynged god Mercurie Biforn hym stood, and bad hym to be murie.

I was prompted to remark to Murie upon this most interesting phenomenon, saying that even though our Marackian lovelies were here because they'd been brought here and had no choice in' the matter.