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Murch may refer to:

  • Anna Valentina Murch (1949-2014), artist
  • Arthur Murch (1902–1989), Australian artist
  • Jamie Murch (born 1975), Australian cricketer
  • H.A. Murch (born c. 1896), photographer, Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society
  • Jordan Murch (born 1989), Scottish football midfielder
  • Mervyn Murch CBE (born 1935), law academic
  • Simmy Murch (1880–1939), professional baseball player
  • Thompson H. Murch (1838–1886), nineteenth century politician, stonecutter, editor, publisher and merchant from Maine
  • Walter Murch (born 1943), Academy Award–winning film editor/sound designer
  • Walter Tandy Murch (1907–1967), painter whose still life paintings of machine parts, brick fragments, clocks, broken dolls, hovering light bulbs and glowing lemons are an unusual combination of realism and abstraction
  • Karl-Robert S.C.F. Muerch (born 1946) now Baron Muerch von Kleindorf (since 1980) Germany.Lord Knight Marshal of The Most Noble Heraldic Order of The Knights Armorial (HOKA) in Germania. Armorist and Heraldic painter (Retired).