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Murano is a series of islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. It lies about north of Venice and measures about across with a population of just over 5,000 (2004 figures). It is famous for its glass making. It was once an independent comune, but is now a frazione of the comune of Venice.

Murano (skyscraper)

The Murano is a residential skyscraper in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Part of a condominium boom occurring in the city, the Murano was announced in 2005 and was developed jointly by Thomas Properties Group and P&A Associates. The building, named after Murano, Italy, was completed in 2008 at a cost of US$165 million. The site, previously occupied by a parking lot, was the location of the Erlanger Theatre from 1927 to 1978.

The blue glass and concrete, 43-story, skyscraper was designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz and Associates. Murano's condos range between and and were designed to be loft-like with each featuring a balcony. The building features ground level retail space and an adjacent parking garage. Located in the West Market Street neighborhood of Center City, a neighborhood that first saw residential development in 2002, the building struggled to fill its units during the late-2000s recession. In July 2009 the Murano's owners held a successful auction on forty of the building's units. Thomas Properties Group lowered the price for the remaining unsold units based on what the forty units went for at the auction.

Murano (restaurant)

Murano is a restaurant situated in London, England. It was opened in August 2008 by Angela Hartnett and Gordon Ramsay. Murano was purchased outright from Ramsay by head chef Hartnett with the handover taking place in October 2010. It has received one Michelin star.

Usage examples of "murano".

Venetian Fra Mauro, of the Camaldolese Convent of San Miguel de Murano, that this commission was entrusted.

As for her brothers, though the elder was nearly forty years old, it was not long since his father had given him a box on the ears which made him see simultaneously all the colours of all the glasses ever made in Murano before or since.

Loredan and Mocenigo were already there, as Foscari had anticipated, eating pistachio nuts and sipping sherbet through rice straws out of tall glasses from Murano.

And on this Christmas morning, when the Doge of Venice lay dying in his halls of state, the nuns of San Donate, won by the prayers and gifts of the Lady Marina, were making a procession to all the shrines of Murano, praying, if by any means, God would stay this curse from falling upon Venice.

Una mujer hors concours, mi querido amigo: belleza física, fortuna, linaje, figuración: espíritu moderno en vaso de Murano.

The shirt and jacket they had bought for him were inadequate to the temperature, but he did not want to go inside because the color of the water was a curious, enigmatic green, the same hue, precisely, as the finest Murano blown glass.

But it was no more than a splinter of stolen Murano glass, with one end dipped in a caulker's tar-bucket, and wrapped with string.

Everything, down to the silver matchbox on the marble table, the flowers in the gem-like Murano glass bowls, seemed to have its precise place and relation to everything else, as if the person who inhabited this domain had a highly developed mathematical mind.

Riding over it was a large sailboat in what she recognized as Murano glass.

AN UNSHAVEN, shifty-looking manservant ushered Ramage into a long, high-ceilinged drawing-room sparsely furnished in the usual middle-class Italian style - a couple of over-elaborate gilded armchairs, a Murano glass chandelier almost opaque with dust hanging from the ceiling and sprouting stubs of candles, a chest of dark wood with the inevitable coat of arms carved on the front covered with peeling paint and gilt, and a long, sad-looking couch covered with silk, the woodwork crudely lacquered.

The chandelier was Murano glass, a snarl of yellow tendrils crowned by multicolored glass birds.

He and Dr Maturin, followed by Killick, were walking along the Strada Reale in the brilliant sunshine when his face clouded and he cried 'Stephen, pray step in here for a moment,' urging his friend into the nearest shop, one kept by Moses Maimonides, a dealer in Murano glass.

Clarissa was just eight, and small for her age: her little round chin was barely on a level with the tea-service, and her clear brown eyes gazed at Susy between the ribs of the toast- rack and the single tea-rose in an old Murano glass.

Yonder stood an inlaid cabinet, surmounted by a crystal mirror and some wonders of Murano glass.

She held up the sparkling strands of Murano glass beads that she would weave through her hair, then the three-tiered necklace with carved amber pendants and the matching earrings.