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Mur (river)

The Mur ( German) or Mura ( Croatian, Hungarian, and Slovene; Prekmurje Slovene: Müra or Möra) is a river in Central Europe rising in the Hohe Tauern national park of the Central Eastern Alps in Austria with its source being above sea level. It is a tributary of the Drava and subsequently the Danube.

The Mur's total length is around . About 330 km are within the interior of Austria; 95 km flow in and around Slovenia (67 km along the borders with Austria and Croatia, 28 km inside Slovenia), and the rest forms the border between Croatia and Hungary. The largest city on the river is Graz, Austria. Its basin covers an area of .

Tributaries of the Mur include the Mürz, the Sulm, the Ščavnica, the Ledava and the Trnava.


Mur may refer to:


  • Mur (river) (or Mura), a river in central Europe
  • Mur, Switzerland, a commune in Vaud and Avenches
  • Mur (Novi Pazar), a large village in Serbia
  • Mur, part of the village of Murzasichle, Poland
  • Mur, Iran (disambiguation)

Other uses:

  • An abbreviation for muramic acid
  • mur, ISO 639-3 code for the Murle language, spoken in South Sudan
  • Mur Lafferty (born 1973), American podcaster and writer
  • Mona Mur, German singer born Sabine Bredy in 1960

MUR may refer to:

  • ISO 4217 code for the Mauritian rupee
  • Medicine use review, a service offered by pharmacies in the United Kingdom
  • Melbourne University Regiment, an officer training unit in the Australian Army Reserve
  • Michigan United Railways, an American railway company from 1906 to 1924
  • Mouvements Unis de la Résistance, a World War II French Resistance organisation
  • M.U.R. (Mouvements Unis de la Résistance), a Lebanese armed group fighting the country's occupation by foreign armies in the 1990s
  • The Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (Russian: МУР, Московский уголовный розыск (Moskovskij ugolovnyj rozysk)) of the Moscow City Police
Mur (Novi Pazar)

Mur is a village situated in Novi Pazar municipality in Serbia.

Usage examples of "mur".

Immobiles troufieaux ou notre clocher gris Semble un patre au milieu de ses blanches brebis, Jai pense que, malgre notre angoisse et nos peines, Sous ces toits paternels il existait des haines, Et que des murs plus forts que ces murs mitoyens Separent ici-bas les coeurs des citoyens.

Ayant contourne la grande eglise, nous primes une rue bordee de porches sculptes et de vieux murs au-dessus desquels les acacias penchaient leurs branches fleuries.

Les Bossenno recouvrent une villa gallo-romaine qui etait etablie la, au bout du monde connu, avec ses murs de pierre et de brique, ses chambres peintes de vives couleurs, sa metairie, ses bains et son temple, telle enfin que Columelle decrit une villa romaine.

Also schaute ich in den Kristall und sah seine Kammer in Mur y Castell und die Gestalt eines anderen Mannes, der dort neben Blodeuwedd schlief.

Sur les murs blanchis a la chaux, dans de petits cadres noirs, des images coloriees qui datent du gouvernement de Juillet, La Clemence de Napoleon envers M.

Un jour Louis IX, disaient-ils, etant venu dans nos murs par un temps tres chaud, avait grand soif.

But now it was planned as carefully as the secret arsenals the Givers were building in every city of Mur.

Erth was Ulra - star and goddess of love to all the generations of Mur, Masters and Givers alike.

From Ygr and Ib came a thousand years of begettings and chaos and wars of elements, until Qas who was light and Mur who was darkness, persuaded their brother-gods Phan the sun and Thael the earth to part.

Though she had learned to get her tongue around the vowelless TIp and Hgf, Laria used Tip and Muf: Thian called Mrg and Dpl, Mur and Dip.

Thian excused himself to the lieutenant and 'ported both 'Dinis out of the capsule, bracing Mur against his leg until it had cleared its air passage.

Mur cried out and shoved hard at his wife's shoulders, balancing Farr and Dura.

So the time passed quickly for most while Beauty delivered her message The moment the little golden queen swooped into the cavern, every sound died, for by now the prospect of Pie mur as drum messager had filtered to every Southerner present and the suspense was universal.

She signed to Mur that she couldn't beat Tip and Huf either but that didn't much appease them.

River floods, fur catches in Canada, stock market prices, marriages, epidemics, freight-car loadings, bank clearings, locust plagues, divorces, tree growth, wars, rainfall, earth magnetism, building construction patents applied for, mur- dersyou name it.