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municipal government

n. the government of a municipality

Usage examples of "municipal government".

The customers -- businessmen, doctors, lawyers, artists, journalists, theater and movie people, well-known figures from the sporting world, officials in the provincial and municipal government, in short, a cross section of the world which nowadays calls itself intellectual -- came with wives, mistresses, secretaries, interior decorators, and occasional male mistresses, to sit on crates covered with burlap.

Every person exposing food or wares on sale in the markets on days other than those fixed by the municipal government will be prosecuted in the police court for obstructing a public thoroughfare.

Evidently the locals had kept up the forms as a sort of municipal government.

It may be doubted whether the municipal government of the cities was not the old Italian constitution rather than a transcript from that of Rome.

The municipal government would not trim or cut down trees for the safety of a private tycoon, anymore than they would permit electronic security.

On August 28 the Zone of the Armies was extended to include Paris and the country on both sides down to the Seine with the result that the municipal government of Paris was brought under the authority of the Military Governor.