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Mundial may refer to:

  • FIFA World Cup
  • World Jiu-Jitsu Championship
  • Daddy Yankee Mundial
  • Mundial (magazine)
  • Mundial (festival) in Montreal
  • Mundial S.A.
  • World tango dance tournament aka Mundial de Tango
Mundial (album)

Mundial (English: Worldwide) is the name of the fifth studio album and tenth overall by Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee through El Cartel Records released on 27 April 2010. Mundial was nominated for a Lo Nuestro Award for Urban Album of the Year. It won the Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Rhythm Album of the Year in 2011.

Mundial (magazine)

Mundial was a Peruvian weekly magazine. It was one of the publications that marked the birth of modern journalism in Peru, both for its graphic design and its content when it appeared in Lima on April 28, 1920. It reached up to number 576, corresponding to 4 September 1931. Its director was Andrés Avelino Aramburú Salinas and it was printed on the site of the “ La Opinión Nacional” on Calle Mantas 152.

Usage examples of "mundial".

Keeping his peripheral eye on her as he set some tea to brew, he pulled one of his Mundial cooking knives from the maple wood block knife holder and quickly and quietly chopped up some fresh asparagus and set it in a soup stock to cook.

Enlarged, the chart showed Corredores Barranca, Torres Barranca, Barranca Mundial.