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The word Mumu may refer to:

  • Mumu, a nickname of Hindi film actress Mumtaz (actress)
  • Mumu, a short story by Ivan Turgenev published in 1854
  • Mumu (film), a French film released in 2010
  • Mumu (or Muma), a computer worm isolated in 2003
  • Mumu (or momo), a ghost or monster in Philippine folklore
  • Muumuu, a loose dress of Hawaiian origin
  • The UK band The KLF were previously known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu
  • Moo Moo Farm, a course within the Mario Kart go-kart-style racing video game series
  • Moo-Moo, a chain of buffet restaurants in Moscow, Russia
  • MUMU, a social network in Mauritius (
  • A probabilistic MUltibody MUltinomial model of non-local interactions in proteins
  • Mumu, a short name for Mugatu (Zoolander 2, 2016)
Mumu (computer worm)

Mumu is a computer worm that was isolated in June 2003.

Mumu (film)

Mumu is a French film directed by Joël Séria, released in 2010. The screenplay, of a largely autobiographical nature, was written by the director from 1993 - a long planned project for Séria who had not directed a full-length film since 1987.

Mumu (Turgenev)

"Mumu" is a short story by Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev, a Russian novelist and story writer, written in 1854. The story of Gerasim, a deaf and mute serf whose life of poverty is brought into sharp relief by his connection with Mumu, a dog he rescued, brought greater national attention to the cruelties of serfdom, and received praise for its brutal portrayal of this institution in Russian society.

Usage examples of "mumu".

A woolly-haired adolescent boy wrapped in a superior and cynical cloud of pride, this one, in a floral mumu and Spandex bloomers, Runciter had never encountered before.

That night all but one of the nine men had their throats cut in their sleep and ended up the next day headless and laid out like pigs on mumu fires with yams and tubers.

Gonzalez traded her trousers and shirt, even up, for a Caribbean-style mumu, a long shapeless flowered green gown.

There was Mumu the mother goddess who swallowed a great snake which multiplied inside of her and whose nine billion children ate their way through her belly into the light of day and so became the animals of the land and the fishes of the sea.

Balusilustalu - or perhaps it was Mumu or Siseleka - let loose a series of high-pitched squeaks and clicks.

As even the individual Agathanians, Balusilustalu, Mumu and Pakupakupaku are too stupid.

I never understood how Mumu and Siseleka were able to swim right up to a great white shark and impudently touch flipper to fin.

A large woman in a purple Hawaiian mumu came in the door and gave Krystal and me the glare, like she thought we were hogging the room to have lesbian sex.

Balusilustalu-or perhaps it was Mumu or Siseleka-let loose a series of high-pitched squeaks and clicks.