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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mumm \Mumm\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Mummed; p. pr. & vb. n. Mumming.] [D. mimmen to mask, mom a mask; akin to G. mumme disguise; prob. of imitative origin, and akin to E. mum, mumble, in allusion to the indistinctness of speech occasioned by talking from behind a mask. Cf. Mumble, Mummery.] To sport or make diversion in a mask or disguise; to mask.

With mumming and with masking all around.

Usage examples of "mumm".

In one evening, by the aid of Binkley and Mumm, Bohemia had gathered her into its awful midst.

As she reached for the pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice, she noticed an open bottle of Mumm champagne resting on the back shelf.

I did recall that their insistent percussion had mitigated my enjoyment of the Mumm I was downing at a pace I would later regret.

If you can turn one half-empty bottle of Mumm into an orgy you deserve the readers you get.