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Mumba may refer to:

  • Wisdom Mumba Chansa (1964–1993), Zambian football player
  • Antoine Agbepa Mumba (born 1956), is a DR Congolese soukous singer, dancer, producer, and composer
  • Levi Zililo Mumba (died 1945), the first President of the Nyasaland African Congress (NAC)
  • Nevers Mumba (born 1960), Zambian politician and minister
  • Omero Mumba (born 1989), Irish actor and singer
  • Prince Mumba (born 1984), Zambian Olympic track and field athlete, specializing in the 800 metres
  • Robert Mambo Mumba (born 1978), Kenyan footballer, currently coaching the Swedish team Dalkurd FF
  • Samantha Mumba (born 1983), Irish singer and actress
  • Winter Mumba (died 1993), Zambian footballer and member of the national team
  • Mumba Cave, an archeological site located in Tanzania near Lake Eyasi, containing important Stone Age artifacts
  • Mumba Devi Temple, an old Hindu temple in the city of Mumbai dedicated to the goddess Mumbā