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Muk (food)

Muk or mook is a Korean food made from grains, beans, or nut starch such as buckwheat, sesame, and acorns and has a jelly-like consistency. Muk has little flavor on its own, so muk dishes are seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, chopped scallions, crumbled gim (Korean laver), and chili pepper powder, and mixed with various vegetables.


Muk may refer to:

  • Muk (food), a type of jelly found in Korean cuisine
  • Muk Hair Care products. A famous Australian hair care brand
  • Muk (Pokémon), a poison-type Pokémon
  • Muk Yan Jong
  • Muk-chi-ba, a variant of the two-player game rock-paper-scissors
  • A Battle of Wits (2006 film) (Muk Gong), a 2006 Hong Kong historical-action film

Usage examples of "muk".

November showed the village of Muker, in Swaledale, a cluster of grey limestone buildings cupped in a valley of muted autumn colours.