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The muiñeira ( Galician: muiñeira, Castilian: muñeira) is a traditional dance and musical genre of Galicia (Spain). It is distinguished mainly by the tempo of , played expressive and lively, although some variants are performed in other time signatures. There are also variant types of muiñeira which remain in the tempo of but which displace the accent in different ways. Muiñeira is associated with traditional choreographic schemes and the associated instrumentation is a form of bagpipe known as a gaita. It is subject to highly varied interpretation in differing local traditions. According to "Galicia-The Spanish Cousins", an article on Roots World, muiñeira is the Galician "equivalent" of a jig, which is consistent with the time signature of . The word "muiñeira" (the same pronunciation in Portuguese, but spelled "moinheira") means literally both millstone and a mill landlady (or the miller's wife, if a man). Galician music is classified as part of Celtic music.