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MUI or Mui may refer to:

° MUI - village in sawaimadhopur,rajasthan 167km from jaipur..

  • Magic User Interface, system to generate graphical user interfaces
  • Multilingual User Interface, Microsoft technology for installing multiple languages on a Windows system
  • Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body
  • MUI Group, Malayan United Industries
  • Muhammad University of Islam, in the area of Chicago
  • Mui River, river in Ethiopia
  • Mui, Estonia, village in Pöide Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • Mei (surname), Chinese surname
  • Kong Duen-yee, known as Mui Yee
  • Matter Under Inquiry, a US Securities and Exchange Commission term used to refer to preliminary investigations into financial crimes.
  • Men's underwear index, an economic index

Usage examples of "mui".

He had been looking forward to the mui tsai, but now even the thought of sex was suddenly repugnant to him.

He went and stood wearily beside Spencer in the clinic, staring at the body of Yashika Mui while several of the investigators eyed him warily.

But then he thought of Yashika Mui, and he told Sax about it because he wanted someone else’s celebration to be ruined as well.