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Mugo is a jeongjae, Korean court dance performed with drum. It was created in the Goryeo dynasty era. It also practiced in ritual dance of Seungjeonmu. Its name comprises the two words, mu and go literally meaning dance and drum in Korean respectively.

Mugo (name)

Mugo is a name of Kenyan origin that may refer to:

  • Mugo Gatheru (born 1925), Kenyan author on colonial Kenya
  • Mugo Kibiru, 19th century Kenyan prophet from the Kikuyu tribe
  • Beth Wambui Mugo (born 1939), Kenyan politician and Member of Parliament for the Party of National Unity
  • Hellen Mugo (born 1985), Kenyan marathon runner and 2012 KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon winner
  • Micere Githae Mugo (born 1942), Kenyan writer, academic and social activist
  • Naomi Mugo (born 1977), Kenyan middle-distance runner and two-time African champion
  • Samuel Muturi Mugo (born 1985), Kenyan marathon runner and winner of the 2009 Beijing Marathon
  • Stanley Mugo Mwaura (nickname-Washukalli) (born 1954). Kenyan educationist who initiated largescale ECDE teacher training (1981) together with Kenya YMCA.

Usage examples of "mugo".

Then on the way to the car she said good-bye to a Mugo pine, and to three people who weren't there.