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Usage examples of "muette".

Avoiding Paris, which Louis, ever since the riots of 1750, had constantly refused to enter, they reached the hunting-lodge of La Muette, in the Bois de Boulogne, for supper.

It had been settled that the king and queen should go by themselves to La Muette, and that the rest of the royal family should remove to the Trianon.

Cloud was eventually sold to the crown for a sum of money, Choisy and La Muette being also retained.

Les joues creuses, avec des yeux de braise sous les meches grises de ses cheveux qui se tordaient hors de sa coiffe, noire, seche, muette, sa bouche ruinee, son menton menacant et son morne silence, affligeaient mon pere.

On the Boulevard de la Muette a huge retaining wall has been reared, and the cemetery stretches like an immense terrace commanding the heights, the Trocadero, the avenues, and the whole expanse of Paris.

Approaching the parapet she gazed below into the Avenue de la Muette, where a long line of old cabs in the last stage of decay stretched beside the footpath.

Porte de la Muette, what had once been a gateway in the old city walls and was now an entrance to the Bois.

Across the lake from their tober, where the cattle and sheep were pastured and guarded, the herdsmen rode about, separated out some two score of the fattest beeves, then drove them past the circus lot, out of the Bois and through the Place de la Muette, clearly heading for the markets at les Halles.

Versailles troops are under the walls of Paris, and are exchanging shots with the Insurgents on the ramparts from the Muette Gate to the Issy Gate.

Versailles Engineers are laying a mine under the walls of Paris in the direction of the Muette Gate.

They have been throwing shells from La Muette against the troops in the Bois de Boulogne, but mortars placed in the Bois near the large lake have been responding vigorously, and a field battery at Mortemart, the south-eastern extremity of the Bois, has been protecting, by its fire, the Engineers working at the breaching battery, and also doing some damage to the Artillery on the bastion.

He escaped from La Muette when the troops entered, leaving behind him the silver service which was in the room where he had been about to sit down to dinner.

Choisy and La Muette, and the crown, ever in his debt, still owed him money at his death.

The daughter of the celebrated painter, Joseph Vernet,[29] was guillotined for being a " receiver," for having kept fifty pounds of candles in her house, distributed among the employees of La Muette by the liquidators of the civil list.