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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mue \Mue\ (m[=u]), v. i. To mew; to molt. [Obs.]


vb. (context obsolete English) To mew; to moult.


Mue is Émilie Simon's sixth studio album, released by Barclay Records on 17 March 2014.

Usage examples of "mue".

The field was rated at a thousand kilos and there was no way a man or mue, no matter how string, could break its grip.

Bork was of homomue stock, born of a heavy gravity world, and big by any man or mue standard.

He was a squat and thick mue with callused hands and knuckles, and he moved with a rolling gait that indicated more than a little training.

If he let the mue get in a few shots first, he could claim self-defense, but given his last encounter with local justice, he had a feeling that might not be wise.

Call the mue out, arrange a place where nobody would be watching, and do it.

The mue was a killer, Sleel could feel it in his bones, and the universe would be a better place without him.

AN HOUR before he was due to meet the mue in the exercise room, Sleel headed that way.

The mue might or might not think he could take Sleel, but if he had the slightest doubt and even a rudimentary brain, he would cover his bets.

He stepped into the exercise room well before the mue arrived, moved back far enough to give himself plenty of room, and waited.

The mue circled to his left, and Sleel automatically moved to keep the distance precise between them, circling to his left.

Sleel pulled one of the ferroplastic circles from his pocket and slung it at the mue, figuring him to be the more dangerous of the two.

The mue sailed past, swiped at him with the stik, but missed him by a meter.

The broken bone in his left arm grated and the throw was off, but the mue did a lazy half flip and slammed into the wall, head down.

He snapped his arm down, hard, and hit the mue squarely on top of the head.

Our kind of mue, we were originally designed for heavy-gravity work, our bones are denser than yours, our ligaments levered better, our blood richer.