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Mudie is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Charles Edward Mudie (1818–1890), English publisher
  • George Mudie (born 1945), politician in the United Kingdom
  • George Mudie (cricketer) (1915–2002), West Indian cricketer
  • George Mudie (Owenite) (born 1788), Scottish advocate of co-operativism
  • Harry Mudie (born circa 1940), Jamaican record producer
  • Ian Mudie (1911–1976), Australian poet
  • Jackie Mudie (1930–1992), Scottish international footballer
  • James Mudie (1779–1852), Scottish-born free settler of Australia
  • Leonard Mudie (1883–1965), British-born character actor
  • Sir Robert Francis Mudie (Frank) (1890–1976), Member of Indian Civil Service and last British Governor of West Punjab
  • Robert Mudie (1777–1842) Scottish author

Usage examples of "mudie".

Birds of Bewick, and White, and the two Wilsons, and Montague, and Mudie, and Knapp, and Selby, and Swainson, and Audubon, and many others familiar with their haunts and habits, their affections and their passions, till we feel that they are indeed our fellow-creatures, and part of one wise and wonderful system!

Barristers certainly never get their law books from Mudie, and Lopez at once knew that his hoped-for father-in-law had been reading a novel.