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MTV (formerly an initialism of Music Television) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel. It is a subsidiary of the "Viacom Music and Entertainment Group", the flagship property of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom. The channel itself is headquartered in New York City. Launched on August 1, 1981, the original purpose of the channel was to play music videos guided by television personalities known as "video jockeys," or VJs. The network's current target audience is teenagers and young adults, with programming consisting mainly of original reality, comedy and drama programming and some off-network syndicated programs and films, along with limited music video programming in off-peak time periods. In its early years, MTV's main target demographic were young adults, but today, MTV's programming is primarily targeted at teenagers, high school students, and college-aged students.

Criticism has been directed toward this change of focus since it was first rolled out. MTV's influence on its audience, including issues related to censorship and social activism, has also been a subject of debate for several years. It has toned down its music video programming significantly in recent years and has received criticism for this, both by certain segments of its audience and by musicians.

MTV has spawned numerous sister channels in the U.S. and affiliated channels internationally, some of which have gone independent. As of July 2015, approximately 92,188,000 American households (79.2% of households with television) received MTV. In recent years, MTV has begun to struggle with the secular decline of music cable television media. MTV ratings have been failing, as younger viewers increasingly shift their consumption of media from television to digital media. MTV ratings drops have been as high as 29% year after year, with doubt if the MTV brand is even relevant anymore with young audiences.

In April 2016, the network announced that MTV will be returning to its music roots by reviving the classic MTV show Unplugged. It was reported that Cribs will be making a return on Snapchat and there are 14 new music related shows that are in the works. On August 1, 2016, MTV launched the channel MTV Classic (replacing VH1 Classic) by airing all of MTV's famous and classic shows that aired in the 1990s and early 2000s like Daria, Beavis and Butt-Head, Laguna Beach, Unplugged, and HeadBangers Ball. The channel also features music videos that air on the network back in the late 80's and 90's.

MTV (Canada)

MTV is a Canadian English language Category A cable and satellite specialty channel that is owned by Bell Media with the name and branding used under a licensing agreement with the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom. The channel is devoted to talk, lifestyle and documentary programming, and also airs some scripted series.

The channel launched as talktv in 2000, but was not as widely available prior to its relaunch in March 2006. Unlike MTV channels in the U.S. and elsewhere, the channel is restricted in its ability to carry music videos and other music programming due to conditions in the channel's licence issued by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), thus it never used the tagline "Music Television" as did its international counterparts prior to 2010. MuchMusic, now a sister channel of the Canadian MTV channel, had been launched in 1984 as the Canadian channel dedicated to mainstream music.

MTV (disambiguation)

MTV (originally Music Television) is a television channel in the United States and a group of affiliated channels worldwide that specialize in broadcasting music videos and other programming related to popular culture.

MTV may refer to:

  • MTV Networks (now renamed as Viacom Media Networks), a Viacom subsidiary that serves as the parent company of the above channel
  • List of MTV channels, for one of MTV's international channels based outside the United States
MTV (Australia and New Zealand)

MTV is a 24-hour general entertainment channel specialising in music and youth culture programming which serves Australia and New Zealand. It is operated by parent company Viacom International Media Networks headquartered in London with a local office in Sydney.

MTV (New Zealand)

MTV New Zealand, was a 24-hour general television entertainment channel operated by MTV Networks International. The channel launched on 18 August 2006. MTV New Zealand was replaced with MTV Australia on 30 November 2010 while still retaining localised advertising and website for New Zealand. As of November 2011, redirects viewers to

MTV (Vietnam)

MTV Vietnam is a 24-hour music channel owned by MTV Networks Asia, a division of Viacom and UTV Corporation, a division of BHD Group and is under management of Vietnam Television.

It features international music, news and few of reality programs. It also has programs brought from MTV program in the US and a few Asian programs. Its target will be viewers in the 15–34 age group.

MTV (Brazil)

MTV is a cable and satellite television channel in Brazil, owned by Viacom International Media Networks The Americas, who took over the MTV brand in Brazil from Grupo Abril, owners of the defunct MTV Brasil, a broadcast television network. The channel premiered at 9:30 pm BRT of October 1, 2013, with the TV show Coletivation.

MTV (Latin America)

MTV Latin America (also known as MTV Latinoamérica, MTV Latino or MTV Latin) is a cable television specialty service aimed at residents in Hispanic American countries. It was launched on October 1, 1993 as MTV en Español. The channel is a Hispanic American version from MTV. The channel is property of MTV Networks Latin America, a subsidiary of Viacom.

MTV Latin America's principal objective is to broadcast music videos as well as reality shows, series, and films, which may be directly or indirectly related to music. All programming is related in some way to youth culture. MTV Latin America's programming focuses on certain musical genres, mainly pop, soft rock, Latin pop, and hip hop. Each of these categories includes music in English and Spanish.

The service is headquartered in Miami Beach. MTV Latin America is distributed via satellite, cable, and other terrestrial distribution through of three different feeds in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

The channel has also their own versions of MTV reality shows like Room Raiders or Dismissed, but most of the time curse words are not censored in Latin América Regions (specially during the watershed time). The first video shown was We are sudamerican rockers by the Chilean band Los Prisioneros.

MTV (Romania)

MTV România, is the Romanian branch of MTV, is a national channel in Romania.

It was officially launched on 15 June 2002, as the 10th regional channel of MTV in Europe (and second eastern European after MTV Polska) with a big concert performed by Enrique Iglesias on Lia Manoliu Stadium. It took over the air license previously used by MCM România, which was a franchise of the French music channel MCM. From 2008 MTV Networks Europe will give over operations to Pro TV to manage the Romanian channel while MTVN Europe will still own the brand and output. Several shows are made up locally, featuring Romanian music and artists. Some of the most popular shows on the channel are the Romanian version of Total Request Live, Hitlist Romania and Dance Floor Chart. MTV România also shows a variety of reality shows (mainly imported from MTV US) but also local, like Dance Star in 2006. Since its launch, the channel also aired several TV shows and cartoons, like The Osbournes, Yo Momma, Pimp My Ride, Punk'd, Boiling Points, Daria, Beavis and Butt-head, Where My Dogs At?. However, the best music videos and programs are mainly shown through the night, as in the old MTV Europe days. Several classic shows are still on after many years, mainly Party Zone, Stylissimo, Yo! MTV Raps. Other shows such as local versions of Chill Out Zone, Alternative Nation or Superock used to be aired on MTV România.

MTV (UK and Ireland)

MTV UK is a general entertainment channel operated by Viacom International Media Networks Europe, available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The channel was launched as part of MTV Networks Europe localisation strategy in 1997. MTV UK (previously MTV UK & Ireland and MTV One) was launched on 1 July 1997. The channel was set up to provide audiences with local artists and more relevant music content. Prior to the localisation of MTV in Europe, the region was served by MTV Europe which was launched on 1 August 1987. Since February 2011 MTV has been solely an entertainment channel and relocated to the entertainment section on Sky, and later Virgin Media.

The channel is in over 10 million homes in the UK and Ireland.