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mSv or MSV may refer to:

  • Maize streak virus, a plant disease
  • Medium Speed Vehicle, an administrative classification in certain jurisdictions for a 35MPH version of the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
  • Military security vehicle or Internal security vehicle, a military vehicle usually used for patrols and anti-riot missions
  • Millisievert, a SI derived unit for radiation measurement
  • Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad, a shortline railroad in Mississippi that operated from 1925–2008
  • Mobile Satellite Ventures, a telephony network that uses geostationary satellites
  • Mobile Suit Variations, variations on the mechanical designs seen in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam
  • MotorSport Vision, a UK motor racing organisation
  • M. S. Viswanathan (born 1928), Indian music composer and vocalist
  • Maintenance and Support Vessel or Motor Stand-by Vessel, a merchant vessel name prefix
  • Merchant Sell Value