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MRD may refer to:

  • Machine-readable dictionary
  • Mad Rollin' Dolls Woman's Flat Track Roller Derby League in Madison, WI
  • Manchester Roller Derby, co-ed roller derby league in Manchester, England
  • Mandy Rice-Davies, a British former model and showgirl
  • Market requirements document used in technology product development and planning
  • Medical records department
  • Minimal residual disease low levels of leukaemia cells present in the body after or during treatment
  • IRA Required Minimum Distributions, US IRS requirement for age based retirement account distributions
  • Miss Dominican Republic (Spanish: )
  • Motor Racing Developments Ltd. a racing car constructor better known as Brabham
  • Movement for the Restoration of Democracy is a political alliance in Pakistan
  • Multicast router discovery, a network protocol
  • Mutant Response Division, a fictional Marvel Comics organization
  • MRD, a fictional substance used for time travel in the 2015 film, Synchronicity