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MRA may refer to:

  • Magnetic resonance angiography
  • Mail retrieval agent
  • Mandibular repositioning appliance or mandibular advancement splint for sleep apnea
  • Marin Rowing Association
  • Marketing Research Association
  • Market Reduction Approach
  • Massachusetts Rifle Association
  • Master in Research Administration, a professional degree
  • Matter(s) Requiring Attention, a type of regulatory finding issued by members of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
  • Mauritius Revenue Authority, tax collection agency of Mauritius
  • Member's Representational Allowance, the budget allocated to representatives in the United States House of Representatives
  • Men's rights activism
  • Metal Roofing Alliance
  • Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia
  • Microcredit Regulatory Authority
  • Midlands Regional Alliance, a football competition based in England
  • Minimum reception altitude
  • Monland Restoration Army
  • Monoamine releasing agent
  • Moral Re-Armament
  • Mountain Rescue Association
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Multiresolution analysis
  • Mutant registration acts (comics)
  • Mutual recognition agreement or mutual recognition arrangement
  • Myanmar Restaurant Association