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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Goodman \Good"man\, n. [Good + man]

  1. A familiar appellation of civility, equivalent to ``My friend'', ``Good sir'', ``Mister;'' -- sometimes used ironically. [Obs.]

    With you, goodman boy, an you please.

  2. A husband; the master of a house or family; -- often used in speaking familiarly. [Archaic]

    Say ye to the goodman of the house, . . . Where is the guest-chamber ?
    --Mark xiv. 14.

    Note: In the early colonial records of New England, the term goodman is frequently used as a title of designation, sometimes in a respectful manner, to denote a person whose first name was not known, or when it was not desired to use that name; in this use it was nearly equivalent to Mr. This use was doubtless brought with the first settlers from England.


Mr \Mr.\ . The customary abbreviation of Mister in writing and printing. See Master, 4.


MR, Mr, mr, or mR may refer to:

  • Mr. an honorific title of men
MR (Marina and Rainer)

MR (Marina and Rainer) is a chamber opera in one act (5 scenes) by the Russian composer Nikolai Korndorf (1947–2001). The libretto by Yuri Lourié is in Russian, German, Ancient Greek and Japanese). Commissioned by the Munich Biennial, Germany, it was composed in 1989.

Usage examples of "mr".

The matter caused a good deal of sensation at the time, and the girl Helen was closely questioned by Mr.

The ablest lawyers in the Senate, in general, pressed the claim of the insurance companies to the balance of the fund, including Mr.

Also on the reception committee were Mrs Richard Chase Griffen, an Abyssinian maid in green and silver, Mrs.

With the rest of the Massachusetts delegation, Adams had moved into a lodging house kept by a Mrs.

POSSIBLY IT WAS HIS FIRST or second day back in Philadelphia, in early February 1776, after the long wintry journey from home, that Adams, in his room at Mrs.

He had been sleeping with Kenneth Garunisch, while Adelaide and Prickles and Mrs.

This appetite for grapes is so well confirmed by Aesop, and by passages in the Scriptures, that it is strange Mr.

There was in it an odd blending of aestheticism and eccentricity, and Mrs.

Suppose that any cool and cynical art-critic, any art-critic fully impressed with the conviction that artists were greatest when they were most purely artistic, suppose that a man who professed ably a humane aestheticism, as did Mr.

They next turned to a Cape Afrikander, a former minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, Mr.

In fact, looking at the unspeaking men draped as best they could over the afterbody of the car, and the dead Invaders lying heaped to one side, and the blood all over everything, and Newsted and the others standing next to the gun-carrier, staring at Mrs.

Here Ernie had lived with his mother and father, and down these alleys Doris and Penelope and Nancy had come on wartime winter afternoons, to call on old Mrs.

Above all he could hear the clear war-cry of Miss Airedale and the embittered yells of Mr.

If I had stayed, she thought, I would have forgotten and told Bill about Alberta and Mr.

Winking at Allison, she walked up to the man and laced her arm through his: Mr.