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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a 20 mph/30 mph etc zone (=where vehicles’ speed is limited to 20 mph, 30 mph etc)
▪ He was doing 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.
a 20 mph/30 mph etc zone (=where vehicles’ speed is limited to 20 mph, 30 mph etc)
▪ He was doing 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also m.p.h., abbreviation of miles per hour, attested from 1887.


init. mile(s) per hour

  1. n. the ratio of the distance traveled (in miles) to the time spent traveling (in hours) [syn: miles per hour]

  2. a speedometer reading for the momentary rate of travel [syn: miles per hour]


MPH or mph is a common abbreviation of miles per hour, a measurement of speed

MPH may also refer to:

  • Make Poverty History, campaign to end poverty in Africa
  • Manlius Pebble Hill School, DeWitt, New York, US
  • Martinair's airline code
  • Master of Public Health, degree
  • Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
  • Mobile Pedestrian Handheld a mobile DTV standard
  • MPH Bookstores, Malaysian bookstore chain
  • MPH Entertainment, Inc., American film and television production company
  • MPH (transmission system), modulation system used for transmission of digital television
  • MPH, superspeed superhero character in the comic book series Astro City
  • IATA code for Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, an airport in the Philippines

MPH (Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld) inband mobile digital television is a technology jointly developed by Harris Corporation, LG Electronics, Inc. and its U.S. research subsidiary, Zenith Electronics. The MPH system uses Harris Corporation’s expertise in digital broadcast systems—including transmitters, exciters, encoders and software—and the systems development, integrated circuit design and consumer electronics expertise of LG Electronics and Zenith.

MPH has been superseded by the ATSC-M/H standard.

The MPH platform allows local TV stations to deliver digital, ATSC-compatible content to mobile and video devices such as mobile phones, portable media players, laptop computers, personal navigation devices and automobile-based "infotainment systems." The service is called "in-band" because local broadcasters are providing mobile TV services as part of their terrestrial transmission within the same, existing 6 MHz channel they use for their ATSC DTV programming.

With the installation of an MPH exciter and signal encoding equipment, existing TV transmission systems can transmit a robust, digital mobile TV signal which can be received on various "MPH-ready" devices. The MPH system allows the splitting of the 6 MHz, 19.4 Mbit/s of spectrum into a slice for a traditional DTV signal and a slice for MPH use, serving several types of user with a single DTV channel.

The MPH system is a multiple-stream approach, with the main service stream for existing DTV and HDTV services, and the MPH stream for one or more mobile, pedestrian, and/or handheld services. Key attributes of the MPH system include:

  • Backward compatibility with existing ATSC 8VSB transmission and receiving equipment
  • Capability to receive broadcast signals at high (mobile) speed with a single antenna
  • Use of small handheld receivers without the need for multiple antennas
  • Power savings in handheld receivers
  • Flexibility in both data rates and robustness
  • Data-rate efficiency
  • Use of advanced video and audio coding

Usage examples of "mph".

The little Beech Bonanza, identifiable visually by its butterfly tail, was cruising at 175 mph, its destination Baltimore.

They covered the sixty-odd miles of expressway between Marseilles and the Avignon turnoff in twenty-nine minutes, hitting an average of just over 120 mph.

Then, easing the stick into fifth, he settled down the low, wide sportster at just over 150 mph and prepared to enjoy the ride.

Already latent inside me, like the future 120 mph serve of a tennis prodigy, was the ability to communicate between the genders, to see not with the monovision of one sex but in the stereoscope of both.

Ground speed was up to 32 MPH, overheat warnings from the Clydesdales and the pumps flashing.

In a 30 mph wind, exposed flesh freezes in sixty seconds or less at just9 C.

She was up in Huddersfield and coming back from seeing her one time I went crazy and got nicked doing 150 mph on my bike.

Ironically, we were still talking when, going in excess of 80 mph down a stretch of Ventura Boulevard, I saw the flashing blue and red lights of an LAPD patrol car strobing in my rearview mirror.

Its top speed, a whining 50 mph, sounded more like a chainsaw than a motorcycle and was unfortunately well below the necessary power to become airborne.

I am actually writing this editorial with my rack-mounted iPaq handheld while speeding down the sidewalk at the maximum 12 MPH on my little Segway, scattering dogwalkers and joggers as I go, moving this beautiful two-wheeled cart merely by tipping my body slightly forward -- or "intending forward" -- which leaves my hands, and eyes, free to pen this important memo.

And I know that the best aerial gunner in the world isn 't going to be able to hit a small fighter approaching at closing speeds over 800 mph.

Fortunately, it was only moving at 5 mph - not fast enough to break anything, only to send Profane, garbage can and lettuce leaves flying ass over teakettle in a great green shower.

He set the automatic pilot for 60 mph, then engaged it while watching the bubble level.

A cosmic string attached to the earth could accelerate it from 0 to 60 mph in 1/30th of a second.

He approached the fire engine red Ninja, the Kawasaki GPz900R, water cooled with transverse four-cylinder engine would redline in top gear at 145 mph or better.