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abbr. market price – written on menus instead of a price to mean the price charged depends on the price of supplies, which may vary.


MP, Mp, mp or .mp may refer to:

Usage examples of "mp".

Jemima did not tell Millie that the man concerned, Tom Amyas, had been an MP, like Burgo Smyth, that he had written to her on House of Commons paper, as Burgo Smyth had written to Imogen Swain.

According to the system, those MPs and the civ cops are only supposed to provide security against individual nut cases, not a full-scale raid.

MPs hauled Bill to his feet, where he snapped off his classiest two-right-handed salute.

He stayed there for three watches before someone figured out what to do with him, until finally a squad of MPs came with crowbars and tilted him into a handcar and rolled him away.

General Beers and Wakeman standing by a Humvee, a group of MPs just behind them.

The MP, Tyson noticed, was unarmed, no doubt so as not to give the civilians or the press the iMPression that Tyson was dangerous.

Even with helmets and sticks, the MPs usually stayed clear of the hutments on Saturday night.

The call-girl who had sold her story to the press about their sexual escapades had been paid to recant her version of events, and the whole thing had been parlayed into a photo opportunity featuring Trevor Colson, stalwart Conservative MP, hugging the loyal wife who stood by him.

MPS puts us in the southern reaches of the Chryse Planitia region of the northern ocean, only about three hundred and forty kilometers from the Xanthe Terra coast.

The motel cabins were dark because their occupants were the MPs who were on the highway monitoring traffic, chasing the losers back to Texas, ushering fresh truckloads of GIs towards Trinity.

The Labour Party has always stood like a tripod on three legs: the trade unions, the constituency Labour parties (one each in the constituencies that make up the British electoral pattern), and the Parliamentary Labour Party, the group of Labour MPs who were elected at the previous general election.

As each successive constituency fell to the new Hard Left activist control, the position of the largely centrist MPs representing those constituencies be-came tougher and tougher.

They would have gotten closer, but there were about a dozen MPs cordoning this section of the lawn.

Volunteers, drafted from the street of course, worked ahead of us to make sure we didn't meet any roadblocks or MPs.

He hit the brakes, skidded short of the two MPs standing there, and slammed it into reverse, knocking over some guy’s arty-farty mailbox.