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Moyne may refer to:

  • Shire of Moyne
  • Baron Moyne
  • John Moyne, MP for Calne (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Moyne, County Tpperary, a civil parish in the barony of Eliogarty, North Tipperary
  • Moyne, County Wicklow, a civil parish in County Wicklow

Usage examples of "moyne".

He was inclined to regard The Shadow as a rival of Moyne, the man who Durand believed had bought his brain-child from Talman.

Despite the luck that he had wished Professor Durand, Rodney Moyne was planning a way to nullify whatever tests the robot might complete!

LOOKING through the wire screen that fronted the box, Durand fixed his smile on Moyne.

Such could be achieved, if Moyne and Durand worked together on fair terms of partnership.

All during dinner Zarratt had been grumbling because Durand had sold out to Moyne.

Just as Moyne reached for the control box, Durand gave it a few sharp clicks.

But as the robot bulked beneath the balcony, Moyne pointed to Durand, and the watchmen aimed at the professor.

Moreover, Durand had nullified the contract that he signed, because Moyne would now be unable to go through with the provisions of the second part.

They were out through the offices, while the voices of Moyne and Durand still echoed loudly as the pair disputed the merits of robots, past and future.

Triumphantly, Moyne folded his arms and gave Durand a withering stare, not without a side glance for Cardona.

As Moyne returned a serene smile, Durand looked up from the batch of papers.

CHAPTER II Vray moyne si oncques en feut depuis que le monde moynant moyna de moynerie.

Le Moyne had gone on with these men, while Perrot pushed on to New York, arriving at the very moment of the kidnapping.

But Moyne would be too crafty to murder a go-between like Talman, unless he could turn the act into a perfect crime.

By the same inference, Zarratt had probably sold out to Moyne and induced Talman to do the same.