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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mow \Mow\, v. [pres. sing. Mow, pl. Mowe, Mowen, Moun.] May; can. ``Thou mow now escapen.'' [Obs.]

Our walles mowe not make hem resistence.

Usage examples of "mowen".

I get you a gal who speaks English and you honeyfuggle Sally Mowen for me?

Mowen felt his way to the medicine cabinet, knocking the shampoo and a box of Q-Tips into the sink before he found the bandaids.

But that science is so fer us biforn, We mowen nat, although we hadden sworn, It over-take, it slit awey so faste.

Mowen looked at the skyline, at the belts, the wheels, the smoke—the smoke that settled heavily, peacefully across the evening air, stretching in a long haze all the way to the city of New York somewhere beyond the sunset—and he felt reassured by the thought of New York in its ring of sacred fires, the ring of smokestacks, gas tanks, cranes and high tension lines.

How else could he have kept three fiancees from ever meeting each other in the small confines of Chugwater and Mowen Chemical?

Her father had purposely stuck Mowen Chemical on the outskirts of Chugwater so the plant wouldn't disturb the natives, trying to make the original buildings and housing blend in to the Wyoming landscape.

I called Gail as soon as Lynn hung up and asked her to take Lynn's name off the press releases before Old Man Mowen saw them.

Mowen picked a bandaid up off the floor, tore the end off of it, and peeled the string along the side, which made him feel considerably better.