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moving parts

n. (moving part English)

Moving Parts

The Moving Parts was a late 1970s Boston-based rock music band. Though short-lived and little noticed during their career, the band's members went on to form parts of more influential bands Birdsongs of the Mesozoic and Mission of Burma.

The band's members were Roger Miller (guitar), Clint Conley (bass guitar), Erik Lindgren (keyboards) ), and Boby Bear (drums); all but Bear shared songwriting and singing duties. Their main release, Wrong Conclusion, features tracks that range from absurd synthpop ("Good Oscillations") to artsy abstraction ("Max Ernst") to driving guitar rock ("Talk Talk.")

After Moving Parts broke up due to creative disagreements, Conley and Miller founded Mission of Burma, Miller and Lindgren co-founded Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

Usage examples of "moving parts".

So there was no effective way of fitting fixed and moving parts together in the kinds of way necessary to build machines.

He even had a large model of the N-22 aircraft, with moving parts on the wing and tail that he could use to demonstrate what had gone wrong in flight.

The wire noose would never hold the monster, nor did he think the iron hammer would smash delicate moving parts (it did not seem to have any), or the steel bolts from his crossbow pierce a thin plate to short out a crucial circuit.

Yet landing-grids had no moving parts, and while they did have to be monstrous structures they actually drew power from planetary ionospheres.

So with no moving parts to break down and no possibility of the failure of a power-source, landing-grids couldn't fail!

On the other hand, I have found by experiment that the fertility of clover greatly depends on bees visiting and moving parts of the corolla, so as to push the pollen on to the stigmatic surface.

The wringers they do because it's at least mechanical and has moving parts.

The walking plow has no moving parts and is not radically different from the old heavy wooden plow.

Waxed cord is used to attach leather chafing strips (made of russet strap leather) on parts of the structure that may be subject to rubbing by moving parts such as brace wires and structural tubing.

Before bathing for dinner he spent an hour carefully cleaning every part of the rifle and oiling the moving parts, stacked it away in its carrying case and locked it into the wardrobe.