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The Homosexual Movement of Integration and Liberation (, or Movilh) is the leading Chilean human rights advocacy organization in Chile which focuses on civil rights and liberties for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens. It was founded on June 28, 1991, by Rolando Jiménez, Marcos Ruiz, Juan Hernandez, Jorge Pantonja, Iris Colil, Juan Cabrera and Jorge Guzman, adding later Victor Hugo Robles, Carlos Sanchez Soto, Alberto Roa Rodrigo Castro, among others.

It led the campaign to the eventually-successful repeal of sodomy from the list of punishable acts under Article 365 of the Criminal Code in 1999. It also persuaded the judiciary to reopen the case regarding the 1993 Divine nightclub fire in Valparaíso, which killed 16 patrons; the case was finally closed in 2010 with the owner of the club, Nelson Arellano, being solely blamed for the fire and deaths on the basis of homophobia, but Arellano was not prosecuted. The organization's work to draw attention to this and similar cases has put pressure on the Chilean Government to act on passing an anti-discrimination law.