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Movietone may refer to:

  • Movietone (band), a Bristol-based British music group
  • Movietone News, a company producing cinema newsreels from the 1920s onwards
  • Movietone Records, a budget subsidiary of 20th Century Fox' record division
  • The Movietone sound system for recording synchronised sound onto film
Movietone (band)

Movietone is an English post-rock band. They formed in Bristol, England in 1994. Core members are Kate Wright and Rachel Brook (now Rachel Coe). Brook was also a member of Flying Saucer Attack during the first few years of the band's existence, and Wright is also currently the bass player for Crescent. Other musicians have included Matt and Sam Jones (both of Crescent), Matt Elliott ( The Third Eye Foundation), Chris Cole, Florence Lovegrove, Ros Walford and Clare Ring.

2003's The Sand and The Stars was partly recorded live on a bay near Land's End.