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Moviepilot is an American entertainment website that covers news and editorial for films, television, popular culture, and video gaming. Originally founded in Berlin, Moviepilot also acts as a social media agency for film studios, including 20th Century Fox and Sony, using audience analytics software to conduct digital marketing campaigns across social media.

While Moviepilot has an in-house staff of editors and writers, much of their content comes from fan contributors, in the "open-posting" vein of Bleacher Report or Tumblr. According to Quantcast, Moviepilot averages more than 60 million views per month and more than 14 million unique views in the U.S., second only to IMDb for film websites. Moviepilot also posts select stories through their multi-channel Facebook platform; their 14 channels total more than 28 million likes on Facebook, with "Moviepilot Horror" and "Moviepilot Vampires" tallying the highest marks (5.66m and 4.25m, respectively).

Moviepilot has offices in Venice, Los Angeles and Berlin.