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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Moviemaker George Lucas is continuing his Star Wars saga.
Moviemakers just love movies about moviemakers.
▪ Could it be that in leveling charges against the moviemakers there was method in his madness?

n. A person who makes movies as a profession; a cinematographer


MovieMaker Magazine is an American publication focused on the art and business of filmmaking with a special emphasis on independent film. It was founded by Timothy Rhys in 1993 as a small, regional publication based in Seattle. The magazine is published on a bimonthly basis. Its headquarters is in New York City.

Usage examples of "moviemaker".

I asked him a lot of questions about the security precautions surrounding Moviemaker and Centigrade, and he was still completely untroubled.

So,' I paused, 'it's now quite clear that the two horses standing in his barn called Moviemaker and Centigrade are in actual fact exactly what he says.

Make Offen prove beyond any doubt that the two horses at Orpheus literally are Moviemaker and Centigrade.

Did she tell him that I was certain the horses that he has at Orpheus Farm are Moviemaker and Centigrade?

By then, I guess, he expects to have had Moviemaker and Centigrade identified as themselves, and then when the dust has settled he can bring Showman and Allyx quietly back, and it'll be safe for Kiddo to return.

They had already been out to see the horses, and Offen was piling proof on proof that the horses in his barn were veritably Moviemaker and Centigrade.

Hawkins and Prensela have been concentrating on Moviemaker and Centigrade here, they've stirred up the D A.

No, Yola, I'm not walking into that farm and find I have to answer questions like what I am doing there, and what are those two horses in the barn, with Moviemaker and Centigrade's registrations tattooed inside their lips?

After that… well, Offen does legally own Moviemaker and Centigrade, and he's entitled to the fees they earn on their own merits.

Then he said cheerfully, 'If we can prove that none of the so-called Moviemaker foals could in fact have been sired by Moviemaker, but could all have been sired by Showman, we'll have Offen sewn up tight.

Harryhausen in turn inspired later generations of moviemakers—and not just moviemakers, but dinosaur experts and paleontologists around the world.

Cortot has gone so far as to declare that he recognizes the stage as one used by a now out-of-business minor moviemaker with whom Cortot had various dealings several decades ago.

When reproached, usually by an overwrought artist (producers knew better), Wartberg would simply answer, “I’m a moviemaker,” in the same tone that Baudelaire might have answered a similar reproach with “I am a poet.

The picture was a success, and Claudia had to admit this was more because of the director's talent as a moviemaker than Quite simply she had not been able to see the director as a writer.

These people, the agents and the moviemakers, they don't have minds for dates.