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n. 1 The industry of films and filmmaking. 2 The fictitious world where films are set.


Movieland, also known as, and, is a subscription-based movie download service that has been the subject of thousands of complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, the Washington State Attorney General's Office, the Better Business Bureau, and other agencies by consumers who said they were held hostage by its repeated pop-up windows and demands for payment, triggered after a free 3-day trial period. Many said they had never even heard of Movieland until they saw their first pop-up. Movieland advertised that the service had "no spyware", and that no personal information would need to be filled out to begin the free trial.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint against Movieland and eleven other defendants in August 2006, charging them with having "engaged in a nationwide scheme to use deception and coercion to extract payments from consumers." The Attorney General of the state of Washington also filed a complaint, charging Movieland and several other defendants with violating that state's Computer Spyware Act and its Consumer Protection Act.

Usage examples of "movieland".

Hollywood, the glamour capital of the world, here is Johnny Whistler and his Movieland Report.

A frightful horror right out of Stephen King movieland, that junkheart of the college freshman girl-reading-Dean R.

He revamped the opening, stressing the movieland banality of the story, as if to lure an unimaginative producer.

Global Movieland, but my tour guide said that got blown up by terrorists.

His green sweatpants were stained, and his ample belly threatened the seams of his ratty Global Movieland T-shirt.

And that's why scads of superheroes [and so-called "anti-superheroes"] are flying high in movieland.