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MovieCD is a format for digital video storage and consumer home video playback during the mid to late-1990s, marketed by Sirius Publishing, Inc., and was rendered obsolete by the wider distribution of DVD. It used a video codec called MotionPixels, marketed by MotionPixels, Inc., a subsidiary of Sirius Publishing (founded by Smith and Richard Gnant). It was used in many third-party video games from the mid to late-1990s, and during the same time on Sirius's MovieCDs that it had been originally developed for, enjoying an international distribution in both forms.

Both MovieCDs and the MotionPixels codec remain an issue today in that medium market availability of MovieCD's remained until around the year 2000 and some of the above-mentioned video games still have a cult following, both producing malfunctions in modern PCs due to the outdated MotionPixels codec.