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The Collaborative International Dictionary

moved \moved\ pred. adj. affected emotionally. Opposite of unmoved. Also See affected, emotional.

  1. Emotionally affected; touched. v

  2. (en-past of: move)


adj. emotionally moved; "too moved to speak" [syn: moved(p)] [ant: unmoved(p)]

Usage examples of "moved".

When Meade had finally moved, he pushed his army in a more roundabout way, to come at them from downriver.

When the skies finally cleared and the roads began to dry, Meade moved his army close, and Lee was backed hard against the high water.

Below, along the river, a group of horsemen moved out of the Woods, and Lee saw the flag of the First Corps.

They rode slowly toward the knoll, then one man moved out in front and spurred his horse up the hill, broad thick shoulders slumped against the rain.

They moved out of the woods, marched down toward the angry water, and again Lee watched, sat quietly on Traveller as his army moved silently through the wet misery of the retreat, knowing once again the war would roll on in a bloody wash of men and machines back into Virginia.

He moved down the hard road, past the troops who now stopped to watch him.

He spurred the horse again, moved beyond the camp, saw the road turning through a small grove of thick trees.

It was hot, growing hotter, and he looked to the shade, moved that way.

Fannie moved toward him now, and he reached for her, and the pain was gone.

As people moved from the train, filling the platform, there were glances, discreet stares, a few children began to point, hushed by embarrassed mothers.

She was crying now, and he moved slowly, lifted her away and saw the tears.

He climbed slowly up into the carriage, and Fannie moved around, sat beside him.

Each man had moved as quickly as the man in front of him would allow, and they did not take the time to see the numbers, what was left of the regiment, how many were no longer there.

Chamberlain glanced in the mirror, checked the uniform, then moved toward the stairway.

He moved down the last step, went to the parlor, and his father rose, had a child on either side of him, holding tight.