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Movax is a Brand name for Finnish excavator mounted Side Grip Sheet Pilers and other same kind of accessories made by Finnish Company Movax Ltd. Movax products are based on patented Movax Side Grip technology.

Movax sheet piler is a high frequency hydraulic vibrator, typically mounted to a large excavator (or co-powered with a separate powerpack) and takes advantage of the excavator's own hydraulics for additional down force, up to 80 tons, depending on the equipment. With this power, Movax sheet piler can be used to drive sheet piles, I-beams, and pipes in virtually any type of soil condition. Although classed as a high frequency vibrator, it is neither "resonant free" or "variable moment" and so there is little control over the vibrations produced.

Movax sheet piler is controlled by a cab-mounted automatic steering system;current model Auto C which allows the operator to select a precise angle to drive/extract piles, even horizontally. A skilled operator can pick up, position and drive a pile in one fluid motion. With computer-assisted automatic steering system and side grip ability, Movax sheet piler/excavator combination automatically corrects the straightness of the sheet pile during the driving and extracting. When Movax sheet piler drives the first pile into the ground, the distance is put into memory. Auto B takes the pile to the right distance near the guide and sets pile into the upright position, reducing the typical "walking" of the pile wall typical with other methods of installation. The other Movax roducst are; Soil Drills and Impact hammers. Movax products are manufactured by Movax Ltd Finland. Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC), located in Fort Wayne, IN, is Movax Ltd's only licensed manufacturer for patented Movax Side Grip Sheet Pilers and distributes them exclusively in North America.