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n. (plural of mouthpart English)


Mouthparts may refer to:

  • Arthropod mouthparts
  • Insect mouthparts
  • The parts of a mouth

Usage examples of "mouthparts".

In fact their mouthparts are modified into a tube that squirts out enzymes through one half and sucks up the resulting vegie or insect soup through the other.

A scale insect sucks out plant juices with mouthparts like a fine straw, often injecting toxic substances or viruses.

Once imbedded, a tick is very hard to dislodge and will readily leave its mouthparts in the skin if pulled away roughly.

Some feed on plant stems and the undersides of leaves with their piercing-sucking mouthparts, causing stippling or yellowing of the leaves, which then drop off.

The bent end was concave and sprouted four blunt metal prongs about a quarter of an inch long, making it look like the mouthparts of a tremendously magnified chigger.

Their glittering multifaceted eyes stare at the camera while their complex mouthparts work busily, munching through still-struggling victims.