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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
mousy (=an unattractive dull brown)
▪ I have pale, mousy hair that is dull and lacks shine.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mousy \Mous"y\ (mouz"[y^]), a. Infested with mice; smelling of mice.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1812 with reference to quietness; 1853, of color; from mouse + -y (2).


a. 1 Resembling a mouse 2 Quiet, stealthy 3 Timid 4 A greyish brown colour.

  1. adj. timid and ineffectual [syn: mousey]

  2. having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse; "a mousy grownish-gray color"; "mouse-colored hair"; "a mouselike rodent" [syn: mouse-colored, mouselike]

  3. [also: mousiest, mousier]

Usage examples of "mousy".

The second, younger, but bent and bespecked, with a sad mousy expression, was Reb Yenkiel.

Drummond hardly noticed the punker with the tattoo on his cheek and his mousy female companion, just getting up from one of the small tables near the wall.

Hickok queried, recalling the comments Mousy made in the alley earlier.

Hadden had followed through on his promise about the front-office clothing, and Allesandro, who ran a beauty salon when he was not planting trees, had sat her down in his chair, looked intently into her face with dark, starlit eyes, and then had recut her hair into a simple but elegant coif that she had never thought possible for her lank and mousy locks.

Even mousy Conseil did not lag behind as they trudged past trickling waterfalls and rockslides, until they reached the Anatolian Plateau, a wilderness peopled only by a few nomads.

However, instead of a wig she had opted to cornrow her mousy brown hair and top the whole ensemble with a Cubs cap.

Bessie Jenkins, the mother of the two youngsters, sat half watching them, halt talking to the mousier of the two single girls .

Near them, Bessie Jenkins, the mother of the two youngsters, sat half watching them, halt talking to the mousier of the two single girls .

She wore a scarlet snowsuit, now stained, and her mousy hair was long and her mouth was closed, so Shadow could not see the blue rubber-band braces, but he knew that they were there.

Her blue eyes flashed, her apple cheeks glowed, and her mousy hair escaped its bindings at her neck to decorate her animated face with lovelocks of purest shining gold.

Aunt Ardith would have had a conniption fit at the thought of her mousy, sedate niece letting a strange man put his tongue in her mouth.

He say he know all about you, Boss Edgecombe, and you gonna take him down to dat place in Florida where the mousies do their tricks.

Sebold looked as spruce and nasty as ever, but Finlayson looked older, more worn, mousier.

This mousy French Canadian, this glorified nurse, this twit with the phony accent.

My hair is naturally mousy brown, but I started bleaching it blond when I decided to stop being a grease monkey.