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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Motty \Mot"ty\, a. Full of, or consisting of, motes. [Written also mottie.]

The motty dust reek raised by the workmen.
--H. Miller.


a. (context Scotland English) Full of, or consisting of, motes. alt. (context Scotland English) Full of, or consisting of, motes.


Motty (11 July 1978, Chester Zoo, Cheshire – 23 July 1978, Chester Zoo, Cheshire) was the only proven hybrid between an Asian and an African elephant. He was named after George Mottershead, who founded the Chester Zoo in 1931. The male calf was born on 11 July 1978 in Chester Zoo, to Asian mother Sheba and African father Jumbolino.

Usage examples of "motty".

If you need to contact me, leave a message with Motty in the sandwich shop.

I also needed the kind of information Motty and his boys could usually be relied on to supply.

I had lost twenty-four hours according to Motty, though I suspected my time in the sewers and my time in the dream were somehow longer than that.

Alfy and Motty strode ahead, shouting for the crowd to make way, that a dangerous criminal was caught.