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n. (context military English) An encircled enemy unit.


Motti may refer to:

  • Motti, a Finnish military tactic.
  • In Finnish, a measure of firewood, equivalent to one cubic metre of stacked split wood.
  • Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, a fictional character from the Star Wars universe.
  • a variant of Motikan, a Kurdish clan.
  • A variant of the forename Mordechai.

Usage examples of "motti".

Then he remembered Motti and wondered how one of them could have been reading a Hebrew newspaper in the Jewish Community Center.

That was why, when Motti reported to me on a genuine Aryan German with a grudge against the SS, I was interested.

PIETER MILLER wrote his letters to his mother and Sigi under the watchful eye of Motti, and finished by midmorning.

He called Motti, who was on duty at the telephone exchange where he worked, and the assistant reported to Leon when he had finished his shift.

When Motti had gone, Leon dialed a number in Bremen and gave further orders.

He ordered Motti to go out and buy a book of instructions on the art of making bread.

The THE ODESSA FILE 203 car contained Leon and Motti, the driver, and another man, who carried a black bag.

When they got downstairs, Miller was stood up against a white sheet held in place by Oster and Leon, and Motti took several full-face portraits of him.

Apart from Leon and Motti, there was a new man, sun-tanned and fit-looking, much younger than the others.