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The Collaborative International Dictionary

motorcyclist \mo"tor*cyc`list\, n. A person who rides a motorcycle.

Syn: biker, cyclist.


n. Someone who rides a motorcycle


n. a traveler who rides a motorcycle

Motorcyclist (magazine)

Motorcyclist is a motorcycling magazine in the United States. The magazine is headquartered in Irvine, California and is published by Bonnier. The former editor in chief, Brian Catterson, had been the executive editor at the rival Cycle World. The current editor is Marc Cook, a veteran of several motorcycle publications, including Motorcyclist.

Motorcyclist was sold by Motorcycle Hall of Famer Bill Bagnall (also its editor for 20 years) to Petersen Publishing in 1972. It is now owned by Bonnier, who acquired it from Source Interlink Media in 2013.

Usage examples of "motorcyclist".

Its hair was brown dark, and very abundant, but badly cut, and Julie wondered itself what aspect would have without those heavy eyeglasses of motorcyclist with cleared up glasses.

When the sun rose out of the Diablos on that Fourth of July morning the seven-man local police force was nervously sipping coffee after a sleepless night attempting to control something like 3,000 motorcyclists.

I think housemothers would be especially pressured not to entertain aging bearded motorcyclists who are adorned with a significant number of tattoos.

AMA claims to speak for all decent motorcyclists, yet its fifty thousand or so members rode less than five percent of the 1,500,000 motorcycles registered in the United States in 1965.

An advance group of 30 entered the city the previous day and by the afternoon of the Fourth there were some 120 motorcyclists and their female companions congregating at a local bar.

Periodic fighting between the motorcyclists and local citizens broke out with beer bottles, belts made from motorcycle drive chains, and metal beer can openers being used as weapons.

When you get in an argument with a group of outlaw motorcyclists, your chances of emerging unmaimed depend on the number of heavy-handed allies you can muster in the time it takes to smash a beer bottle.

This is relatively safe in some areas of society, but in saloons frequented by outlaw motorcyclists it is the worst kind of folly.

She writes weekly letters to congressmen urging a national fifty-five-miles-per-hour speed limit, helmets for motorcyclists, gun control-she has never been on a motorcycle in her life and to the best of my knowledge has never even seen a real firearm.

But not to outlaw motorcyclists: they seemed as out of place as a crowd of Black Muslims at the Georgia State Fair.

If a motorcyclist has a brake failure, there is no reason why anybody could link it to the unfortunate death of a schoolgirl who lived nearby.

For many years the Angels made their July Fourth Run to Reno, but after a dozen Angels destroyed a tavern in 1960, the Biggest Little City in the World passed a law making it illegal for more than two motorcyclists to ride together inside the city limits.

Gomez leaned the motorcycle against the wall as a motorcyclist in a leather suit, showing against the light from inside the building as the door opened, came out of the door with a dispatch case hung over his shoulder, a wooden-holstered Mauser pistol swung against his hip.

Skydivers have their own little world, as do glider enthusiasts, scuba-divers, hot rodders, drag racers and motorcyclists.

Already perhaps a dozen or more of the motorcyclists from the brigand gang were walking toward him, some of the drivers of the eighteen-wheelers were climbing down from their cabs and walking toward him as well.