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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ They were green with moss, red with rust.
▪ And the old fountain, now green with moss and algae, made a sweet, pattering sound.
▪ Perhaps four feet high, a girl, daintily made, her body stained and streaked green with moss.
▪ Even the sounds here were dry and brittle; she longed for sounds that were sponged up by green moss.
▪ The gravel was carpeted in bright green moss and leaves lay sodden and dark under the shrubs.
▪ The firm glossy green water mosses with ovate to lanceolate leaves belong to the genus Fontinalis.
▪ Psychedelic green moss and bright yellow rhododendron leaves submerged in pools like goldfish reminded me of Aros on Mull.
▪ Here and there a red squirrel jumped down noisily, then hopped back on to a horizontal log cushioned with soft green moss.
▪ He also advised that seeds be sent in a vegetating condition, packed in layers of damp sphagnum moss.
▪ The ground was covered with soft green sphagnum moss, and the dampness here did not permit the growth of hardwoods.
▪ Without the camouflage of pondweed and sphagnum moss he was unrecognizable.
▪ Dress with hormone powder and wedge open with a pad of damp sphagnum moss.
a rolling stone gathers no moss
▪ Avoid amendments that include peat moss, which is naturally acidic.
▪ He found a few others: a sphagnum moss peat bog can repel the invasion of pine trees for thousands of years.
▪ It collected there in a stone hollow, fell down over moss.
▪ The firm glossy green water mosses with ovate to lanceolate leaves belong to the genus Fontinalis.
▪ The seeds of Nuphar must be stored in cold surroundings, either covered with moss or buried in the sand.
▪ These are also the constant species, together with the moss Polytrichum commune.
▪ Where moisture is limited and productivity low the moss covering remains thin.
▪ Wrap with moss held in place with clear polythene tied either side with raffia or tape.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Moss \Moss\ (m[o^]s; 115), n. [OE. mos; akin to AS. me['o]s, D. mos, G. moos, OHG. mos, mios, Icel. mosi, Dan. mos, Sw. mossa, Russ. mokh', L. muscus. Cf. Muscoid.]

  1. (Bot.) A cryptogamous plant of a cellular structure, with distinct stem and simple leaves. The fruit is a small capsule usually opening by an apical lid, and so discharging the spores. There are many species, collectively termed Musci, growing on the earth, on rocks, and trunks of trees, etc., and a few in running water.

    Note: The term moss is also popularly applied to many other small cryptogamic plants, particularly lichens, species of which are called tree moss, rock moss, coral moss, etc. Fir moss and club moss are of the genus Lycopodium. See Club moss, under Club, and Lycopodium.

  2. A bog; a morass; a place containing peat; as, the mosses of the Scottish border.

    Note: Moss is used with participles in the composition of words which need no special explanation; as, moss-capped, moss-clad, moss-covered, moss-grown, etc.

    Black moss. See under Black, and Tillandsia.

    Bog moss. See Sphagnum.

    Feather moss, any moss branched in a feathery manner, esp. several species of the genus Hypnum.

    Florida moss, Long moss, or Spanish moss. See Tillandsia.

    Iceland moss, a lichen. See Iceland Moss.

    Irish moss, a seaweed. See Carrageen.

    Moss agate (Min.), a variety of agate, containing brown, black, or green mosslike or dendritic markings, due in part to oxide of manganese. Called also Mocha stone.

    Moss animal (Zo["o]l.), a bryozoan.

    Moss berry (Bot.), the small cranberry ( Vaccinium Oxycoccus).

    Moss campion (Bot.), a kind of mosslike catchfly ( Silene acaulis), with mostly purplish flowers, found on the highest mountains of Europe and America, and within the Arctic circle.

    Moss land, land produced accumulation of aquatic plants, forming peat bogs of more or less consistency, as the water is grained off or retained in its pores.

    Moss pink (Bot.), a plant of the genus Phlox ( Phlox subulata), growing in patches on dry rocky hills in the Middle United States, and often cultivated for its handsome flowers.

    Moss rose (Bot.), a variety of rose having a mosslike growth on the stalk and calyx. It is said to be derived from the Provence rose.

    Moss rush (Bot.), a rush of the genus Juncus ( Juncus squarrosus).

    Scale moss. See Hepatica.


Moss \Moss\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mossed; p. pr. & vb. n. Mossing.] To cover or overgrow with moss.

An oak whose boughs were mossed with age.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English meos "moss," related to mos "bog," from Proto-Germanic *musan (cognates: Old High German mios, Danish mos, German Moos), also in part from Old Norse mosi "moss, bog," and Medieval Latin mossa "moss," from the same Germanic source, from PIE *meus- "damp," with derivatives referring to swamps and swamp vegetation (cognates: Latin muscus "moss," Lithuanian musai "mold, mildew," Old Church Slavonic muchu "moss").\n Selden Moseþ þe Marbelston þat men ofte treden. ["Piers Plowman," 1362]\nAll the Germanic languages have the word in both senses, which is natural because moss is the characteristic plant of boggy places. It is impossible to say which sense is original. Scott (1805) revived 17c. moss-trooper "freebooter infesting Scottish border marshes."


n. 1 Any of various small, green, seedless plants growing on the ground or on the surfaces of trees, stones, etc.; now specifically, a plant of the division Bryophyta (formerly (taxlink Musci division noshow=1)). 2 (context countable English) A kind or species of such plants. 3 (context informal English) Any alga, lichen, bryophyte, or other plant of seemingly simple structure. 4 (context now chiefly UK regional English) A bog; a fen. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To become covered with moss. 2 (context transitive English) To cover (something) with moss.


n. tiny leafy-stemmed flowerless plants


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Moss (disambiguation)

Moss is a small, soft, non-vascular plant that does not have flowers or seeds.

Moss may also refer to:

Moss (surname)

Moss is a surname derived either from Old English "mos" - a peat-bog, from Irish Maolmona, or from Hebrew "Moses" ( מֹשֶׁה) and can be of either Jewish or English language origin.

Moss (band)

Moss are a three-piece English doom metal band that formed in 2000. Influenced by H. P. Lovecraft and the occult, songs usually average the 20 minute mark and incorporate dense and otherworldly atmospheres. Despite the use of extreme bass frequencies, Moss features no bass guitarist.

Moss (given name)

Moss is a given name, and may refer to:

In sports:

  • Moss Burmester (born 1981), gold medallist at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne

In politics:

  • Moss Cass (born 1927), former member of the Australian House of Representatives
  • Moss Evans (1925–2002), general secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union from 1978 until 1985
  • Moss Kent Dickinson (1822–1897), Canadian businessman, mayor of Ottawa, and member of the Canadian Parliament
  • Moss Turner-Samuels (1888–1957), Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom

In other fields:

  • Moss (Maurice) Twomey (1897–1978), Irish republican and chief of staff of the Irish Republican Army
  • Moss Hart (1904–1961), American playwright and director of plays and musical theater

de:Moss (Begriffsklärung) fr:Moss

Moss (album)

Moss is Phish bassist Mike Gordon's third solo album, released October 19, 2010. It reached number 9 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

Moss (film)

Moss is a 2010 South Korean mystery thriller film directed by Kang Woo-suk. It was based on the popular webtoon of the same title by Yoon Tae-ho.

Moss (language)

Moss is a musical language designed by composer Jackson Moore. It has a phonology based on elementary melodic distinctions, and a simple lexicon and grammar inspired by pidgins. Moore teaches Moss at Bruce High Quality Foundation University.

MOSS (company)

MOSS is a Japanese video game company created in 1993. After the bankruptcy of Seibu Kaihatsu, the development staff of that company formed MOSS, then bought the development rights to the Raiden franchise in order to keep working on new installments. Throughout the years they have diversified their portfolio outside of vertical shooters.

Usage examples of "moss".

But Georgiana saw the light-green moss that clung to the humus, the yellowish fronds of ivy that swept along the ground, the aquamarine moss that dressed up the boulders.

The forest was dominated by plants that could extract moisture from the air: Lichen coated the gnarled bark of the araucaria trees, and even the low magnolia shrubs dripped with moss.

Each antheridium or archegonium arises from a single cell, and while the mature structure is similar in the two groups, the development presents differences in liverworts and mosses.

Without entering into details it may be mentioned that in the mosses it proceeds both in the archegonium and antheridium by the segmentation of an apical cell, while this is not the case in the liverworts.

When the hunters tired of fishing, and when they wearied of crossing the sand-dunes and the glaring, shimmering beachglaring and shimmering on every fine day of summer-to poke off the mussels and spear the butterfish and groper, they pushed through the Ceratopetalums and the burrawangs, and, following the tortuous bed of the principal creek amid the ferns and the moss and the vines and the myrtles, gradually ascending, they entered the sub-tropical patch where the ferns were huge and lank and staghorns clustered on rocks and trees, and the beautiful Dendrobium clung, and the supplejacks and leatherwoods and bangalow palms ran up in slender height, and that pretty massive parasite-the wild fig-made its umbrageous shade, as has been written.

Then the woodwose stopped abruptly in the lee of a tree trunk begreened with moss.

Woen, Tiw, and Donar were cracked and gray, begrown with moss and toadstools.

The ground was carpeted with luxuriant mosses and graceful ferns, and the continual appearance of brown hematite wherever there was a rise in the soil, betokened the existence of a rich vein of metal beneath.

When Borel opened his eyes again, he saw that the red knight had been knocked out of the saddle and was rolling over and over on the moss.

Nevertheless, he seemed to know where he was going and made no further attempt to discourage me, and we soon came to a rocky place on the mountainside: an outcropping of huge old stones, some of them larger than the bothy and covered with moss and lichen.

I wanted to drive deep into the Atchafalaya Swamp, past the confines of reason, into the past, into a world of lost dialects, gator hunters, busthead whiskey, moss harvesters, Jax beer, trotline runners, moonshiners, muskrat trappers, cockfights, bloodred boudin, a jigger of Jim Beam lowered into a frosted schooner of draft, outlaw shrimpers, dirty rice black from the pot, hogmeat cooked in rum, Pearl and Regal and Grand Prize and Lone Star iced down in washtubs, crawfish boiled with cob corn and artichokes, all of it on the tree-flooded, alluvial rim of the world, where the tides and the course of the sun were the only measures of time.

Have you ever heard of the general class of plants called Bryophytes, chief of which are the mosses, or Musci?

Suddenly you saw Verrie Myers, Trish Elders, Groves and Ginger McCord huddled together at a cafeteria table earnestly with Orrie Buhr, Dougie Siefried, Janet Moss, Dexter Cambrook Eickhorn.

It was not the trees and lianas only that were beautiful in these sunny openings, but the ferns, mosses, orchids, and selaginellas, with the crimson-tipped dracaena, and the crimson-veined caladium, and the great red nepenthe with purple blotches on its nearly diaphanous pitchers, and another pitcher-plant of an epiphytal habit, with pea-green pitchers scrambling to a great height over the branches of the smaller trees.

He found square log houses, caulked with moss, deer pounds, birchbark canoes and bows of sycamore with arrows feathered with goose quills.