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Mortuus are a Swedish black/ death metal band. Mortuus recorded the 7” Silence Sang the Praise of Death which was released by The Ajna Offensive in 2005. The members “decided to put the project to death after the seven-inch was recorded, but a new desire to express ourselves through this medium grew – and thus we ‘re-formed’ the band (even though it never will be a band in the traditional sense)”, as stated in an interview posted by The Ajna Offensive. The interview was followed by the album De contemplanda morte (De reverencie laboribus ac adorationis), “a concept album dealing with Death ascension (from the deeps of the qliphoth to the very heart of Death)”, which The Ajna Offensive released in 2007.

Usage examples of "mortuus".

He now read the sentence before the last: Re imperfecta mortuus sum, and translated the whole as: I died with my purpose unachieved.

Dei filius: non pudet, quia pudendum est: et mortuus est Dei filius: prorsus credibile est, quia ineptum est: et sepultus resurrexit: certum est quia impossibile est.