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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ King: How now, my noble lords, good morrow!
▪ He should take no thought for the morrow, and should bear in mind that possessions imply making provision for the future.
▪ King: How now, my noble lords, good morrow!
▪ Ride to Langholm in Eskdale this first night, then lie up there over the morrow.
▪ Still incensed by what she had heard earlier, she began mentally planning a short journey for the morrow.
▪ There was the possibility of kingfisher and water rail for early risers on the morrow.
▪ Thinking a great many thoughts about home and the morrow, we dropped off at last into a restless sleep.
▪ Upper Gumtree, it seemed to me, might revive spectacularly on the morrow, given oats, fresh air and exercise.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Morrow \Mor"row\, n. [OE. morwe, morwen, AS. morgen. See Morn.]

  1. Morning. [Obs.] ``White as morrow's milk.''
    --Bp. Hall.

    We loved he by the morwe a sop in wine.

  2. The next following day; the day subsequent to any day specified or understood.
    --Lev. vii. 16.

    Till this stormy night is gone, And the eternal morrow dawn.

  3. The day following the present; to-morrow.

    Good morrow, good morning; -- a form of salutation.

    To morrow. See To-morrow in the Vocabulary.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., morewe-; c.1300, morwe, shortened variation of morewen "morrow" (see morn).


n. 1 (context archaic or poetic English) The next or following day. 2 (context archaic English) morning. vb. (context intransitive English) To dawn


n. the next day; "whenever he arrives she leaves on the morrow"

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Morrow, GA
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Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Morrow, OH
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Morrow County, OH
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Morrow County
Morrow County, OR

Morrow is a word meaning "the next day" in literary English. It also means "morning" in archaic English. Morrow is also a Scottish and Irish surname.

Morrow (song)

"Morrow" is the eleventh maxi single by Dragon Ash; released in 2003. Remixers on this single include Fantastic Plastic Machine, Ram Jam World, and Dry & Heavy. Morrow was featured on Virgin Air's British flight radio Japanese Pop in winter of 2003.

Morrow (surname)

Morrow is a surname of Gaelic origins and most sources (such as Mr. Lower, Mr. Charnock, Dr. J. T. Morrow, Mr. O'Hart, Mr. Mac Giolla Domhnaigh and Rev. Woulfe) give it as either Irish or Scottish, and many people with the surname are also described as Scots-Irish.

Usage examples of "morrow".

I shall tell thee the boon that I would ask of thee and thy generosity has granted me, and it is that on the morrow thou wilt dub me a knight, and that this night in the chapel of thy castle I shall keep vigil over my armor, and on the morrow, as I have said, what I fervently desire will be accomplished so that I can, as I needs must do, travel the four corners of the earth in search of adventures on behalf of those in need, this being the office of chivalry and of knights errant, for I am one of them and my desire is disposed to such deeds.

The book contained forty-two poems by such writers as Gemma Files, Charlee Jacob, Mark McLaughlin, Peter Crowther, Bruce Boston, Tom Piccirilli and others, along with a Foreword by John Rose, an Introduction from Phyllis Gotlieb and an Afterword by James Morrow.

Chamberlain would scarcely have time to read it before the Nazi armies hurtled into Poland at dawn on the morrow - the X Day which still held?

With several voice, with ascription one, The woods and the marsh and the sea and my soul Unto thee, whence the glittering stream of all morrows doth roll, Cry good and past-good and most heavenly morrow, lord Sun.

On the morrow of our arrival the Khania Atene sent us two beautiful white horses of pure and ancient blood, and at noon we mounted them and went out to ride with her accompanied by a guard of soldiers.

In an ecstasy of joy she began to embrace me again, and Eleanore said that she would go to sleep so as to be more on the alert for the morrow.

In my note to Nanette, I only begged her to give my letter to her friend, adding that I would see them again the day after the morrow, and that I trusted to her to find an opportunity for delivering me the answer.

The curate came back and returned me the ring, saying that it could not be pledged until the day after the morrow, in consequence of the Festival of the Holy Virgin.

He would come, go out, return as he pleased, telling me every day that it would be the morrow, and when the morrow came there was always some impediment.

She had got up without waking me, but as soon as she heard me stirring she came, and I tenderly chid her for not waiting for me to give her good morrow.

A week after she asked the general in my presence if her husband could do anything for him at Aix-la-Chapelle, where he was going on the morrow, with the intention of returning in three days.

He told us before he went away that he was engaged on the morrow, and so could not come to see us till the day after.

Without a thought for the morrow he jumped into it, pulled the coverlid over his head and went fast asleep.

Gore-Draken specifically for Feverfew, which could only have been done by a very superior Sorcerer or one of the Morrow Days.

This suggests the augury puzzle was created from the intestines of a Gore-Draken specifically for Feverfew, which could only have been done by a very superior Sorcerer or one of the Morrow Days.