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Morre is a commune in the Doubs department in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France.

Usage examples of "morre".

Maylo de Morre was much less than they thought, but far more than they could imagine.

Despite the numerous and well-armed guards, Don Humberto would not hear of his guest departing with less than a full squad of his own lancer-bodyguards, a quartet of servants, and a fully equipped and provided pack train to afford the estimable Conde Maylo de Morre security and civilized comforts on the long trek over the mountains.

But he was satisfied that this Don Maylo de Morre was a most competent warrior, by any standards, as well as a natural and accomplished field commander.

Then Don Caspar had suffered the ill-fortune to lie pinned beneath the dead horse until Morre had chanced across him.

But Morre resolved to do the best he could with the primitive tools at hand.

Filling the bulb with the liquid, Morre scraped away the clots at either end of the wound and, disregarding the fresh flow of blood, thrust the nozzle of the copper tube into one end, pressed the gory flesh tight about it and gave the bulb a powerful squeeze.

He was an exceedingly strong young man and the six lancers were hard-put to hold him down, much less still, so before he proceeded with his treatment, Morre called for three or four more men.

The patient had the misfortune to regain consciousness bare seconds before Morre was ready.

After that day, if Morre had revealed himself to truly be a pretender to the throne of the Emperor of the Four Kingdoms and in league with El Diablo, himself, atop it all, not a noble or man of the tax train but would have raised his banner and his war cry, and Conde-Imperial Ramon would have been first.

Maylo de Morre, was feted and honored by his cousin, Duque-Grande Alberto.

The way of the tax train now lay souththrough the grand duchy of Durango and so back to Guadalajara and the imperial courtand Ramon tried every argument and enticement he could muster to attempt to persuade Morre to accompany him, rather than following his announced course north, through the inhospitable and bandit-infested desert to Ciudad Juarez and El Paso del Norte.

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